Flipside Fundraising Scholarships!

by Heather Kirby,

Fundraising support from The Good Partnership. See their message below:

FREE Scholarship??If the word “scholarship” didn’t get you excited already, let me tell you about a fantastic opportunity to raise more money for your small nonprofit!

Who doesn’t want to raise more money for their work - right? To have confidence in asking. To know that their important work is funded.

We've (The Good Partnership) teamed up with the amazing folks at CanadaHelps, The Common Good Philanthropy, Keela, Small Shop Strategies, Agents of Good, Bloomerang, Blue Sky Philanthropy, Bridgeraise, Environics, Grant Connect, and Blumbergs to bring you scholarships for our signature online program: Flipside Fundraising

Because you’re busy, we’ve made the application quick and easy (we totally get small organizations).Think of Flipside Fundraising as fundraising education for anyone who might be reluctant to fundraise. It’s perfect if you're the ED, a board member, sole fundraising staff person, or part of a small and mighty team.

We are pleased to be sharing this exciting opportunity with you.

So, go ahead - fill in the quick application and wait for us to announce the scholarship winners on April 7th. Applications close March 31, at midnight Eastern.

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