Why was this area chosen for an HCD study?

    The area was chosen for an HCD study because it was requested by members of the local neighbourhood. Staff received the request and undertook some preliminary research to see if the area was suitable for a study. Staff found that the area is one of the oldest residential areas of Lindsay and has a large concentration of historic properties which make it suitable for a study and potentially future designation as an HCD.

    Staff presented the recommendation that a study be undertaken to the Municipal Heritage Committee and Council and the recommendation was approved.

    How were the boundaries for the study determined?

    The boundaries for this study are the southwestern quadrant of the 1828 Purdy Land Grant, a large piece of property that was granted to William Purdy who built the first saw and grist mills in Lindsay. This is the oldest part of Lindsay and has defined boundaries on all four sides: Lindsay Street South, Durham Street East, and the Scugog River (on two sides).

    Although there are definitely properties in the study are which are newer, the study boundaries were established as a rectangular area to make sure that all potential properties for a future HCD were captured in the study and for ease of study.

    Will the entire area become a heritage conservation district?

    One of the goals of the heritage conservation district study is to determine the boundaries of a future HCD which often excludes properties which are newer or do not fit with the historic trends and architectural patterns that are prevalent in the neighbourhood. Because of the diversity of properties in the area, it is likely that the boundary of a future HCD will not be the same as the boundary of the study area.

    Why are there some properties on Lindsay Street South excluded from the study area?

    There are three properties on Lindsay Street South which are exclude from the study boundaries. They have been excluded because they are already designated as part of the Downtown Lindsay Heritage Conservation District and properties cannot be included in multiple HCDs.