The City is undertaking a comprehensive inventory of its historic places, buildings, and landscapes. We will be identifying and documenting the many heritage resources in our communities to understand what resources are present, their significance, and how best to preserve them. Our historic places define our communities, tell our stories, and provide opportunities for the future.

This is a multi-year project that will inventory the diverse communities across Kawartha Lakes to help fully understand our heritage resources. The inventory will be undertaken on a community by community basis and there will be lots of opportunities to get involved, have your say, and share the history of your community. Updates will be provided on the status of the project and the communities currently being inventoried on this page as the project progresses.

Have your say below by adding places to our map or sharing stories about your community! We will also be holding public meetings and volunteer training sessions in our different communities as the inventory project develops. Check back here for the dates and times of public meetings in your community.


Council approved the initiation of a comprehensive heritage inventory in February 2022 in order to address the fact that we do not know the full scope of heritage resources across Kawartha Lakes. The project is guided by the Heritage Inventory Framework which provides the rationale, background, and process for the project.

Along with the survey of heritage places, we will be developing histories, known as historic context statements, of our communities and key themes in the history of Kawartha Lakes. These will be used to help understand our past and to evaluate our heritage resources within their geographic and historic context.

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